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Clinique mineralli güneş koruyucu ürün önerilerim

Her sene tatile gidiyor olsam da olmasam da o makyaj ve güzellik çantasında kışın kullandığım ürünlerin yerini yazlık ve SPF korumalı ürünler alıyor. Çünkü ne olursa olsun yazın cildim yoğun makyajı çok kabul etmiyor ve daha fazla nem istiyor.

‘The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder’ product reviews

The Estee Edit

Recently I’m exploring the new brand from Estee Lauder, ”The Estee Edit”. I am in love with every products of Estee Lauder so i was really willing to try this new brand. And my first impressions are great!

Sun protecting beach make up with Sulwhasoo

Have you ever wanted an ultra-bright complexion with a satin-soft, matte finish and made of herbal ingredients? Who doesn’t? :)

Perfecting Cushion Brightening is a multi-function, portable, lightweight cushion foundation that goes beyond long-lasting coverage with a flawlessly satin and soft matte finish. It is formulated with Magnolia Extract, a skin-brightening ingredient that reduces the appearance of discoloration and promotes more even-looking skin. Also, the formula has a Clear Complexion Care that is a combination of liquorice purifying water to hydrate the skin and prevent pigmentation,
Its formula also contains elastomers to capture the extra sebum on the skin, so that skin feels oil-free and comfortable throughout the day. Usually I don’t want to wear foundation, but with this product my skin can breath, getting hydrated, so I really don’t feel guilty.

Get natural honey-gold highlights with Klorane Chamomile

If you think that blonde hair is best for you you should read this post.  As we all know, chemical hair styling products and hair dyes damage the structure of the hair. And as an inevitable end: hair loss…Blonde hair is more sensitive and they are affected by external influences much faster. I always try lots of products and really care about my hair. Klorane is one of the brand that I truly trust. All Klorane products are plant based, sodium sulfate free and vegan. I can honestly say that I love all products of Klorane. They always treat my hair well. I met the latest line of Klorane. Let’s discover this awesome line together.

Spring beauty routine with Aveeno

Spring is officially here and there is no better time to start new habits. I always love to treat my body( who doesn’t?:) ) I think it’s a great way to show your body how much you love it! So, I’ve decided to start a new body care routine and I’d really like you to join me.